A Small Statement...
My name is Homer Martinez and I am the creator of PODiMOUTH. I launched PODiMOUTH back in June of 2009 (so we are about to turn 10 years!). When it was launched, the idea was to support local art, from music, to film directors and even fashion designers. PODiMOUTH kept growing to the point where we covered high profile events such as the promo tour for FOX’s Glee, and the red carpet event for Twilight’s New Moon premiere. As the podcast grew, so did our responsibilities with our audience. Coming up with episodes on a specific schedule and ensuring we were true to our commitment of using this growing platform to showcase local art, became more and more trying. As the months and the years went by, things kept changing. The personal lives of those involved in this project changed and evolved. The changes in technology also had an impact on our platform as people were discovering new ways of finding new content. My personal life was affected by many changes that, hopefully,I will be able to talk about in upcoming episodes of PODiMOUTH. As the world around us changes, so must we. I am, once again, committing to you to bringing you episodes of PODiMOUTH that will not only focus on art but will also focus on the things that matter to you. I am working on scheduling interviews, guests, and figuring out topics (outside of art) that might be of interest to you. If you find that the content produced is not of your liking, let me know! I am open to feedback and open to bringing you topics that spark debate and open a line of communication. That’s not to say that I will not focus on art anymore, I am just changing how and what I produce under the PODiMOUTH umbrella. I hope you like it Sincerely: Homer Martinez
Homer Martinez